My Personal Techniques for Shielding


Many of you may know by now what an empath is and if you are one, you realize by how important it is to be centered and grounded. Also hopefully you know how imoortant shielding your body and auric field is for staying safe psychicly from outside forces which may seek to drain your energy or worst, harm you.

For my first few years, I kept my shielding pretty simple. I simply envisioned white light surrounding me as I drew protective energy from the earth. I saw it like a tree with its roots in the earth, grounded and pulling up energy through the roots up into the entire tree. My base chakra, or simply put, my butt or tailbone is where I saw my roots pulling the energy upwards into my body. From there I would spread this energy, with each growing breath, increasing in size till it surrounded me. This worked well for blocking out probing minds and repelling unwanted energies.
Now that I am a mother, I discovered a new way to shield that works well for me. I imagined a protective circle or sphere over me and the baby at night or whenever we are resting for a nap in the daytime. I got this idea from the book
Pagan Parenting that mentions how a parent can protect their child with their energy simply from holding a baby or child on their lap. Their energy field naturally protects both of them. So that when the child isn’t in your protective aura or energy field they tend to feel unsafe, esp at a very young age. So as I’m drifting to sleep or if I’m unable to fall asleep I will ground and center, to calm myself and then proceed to shield myself and the baby. And I have also expanded the shield to include my whole house since I recently a few mths ago sensed an unwelcome presence in my home. I started regularly shielding after that. Something about having a baby really had my guard down, I was so focused on him and being a new mother that I had come to neglect my spiritual life. Needless to say, I quickly changed that when I felt the presence of another person watching us in our home. It wasn’t a ghost or spirit but rather a live person who was remote viewing or astral traveling to look in on us. I did not feel comfortable with that situation and at the time I used shielding with my son and I in our home as self-defense. As time went on, I became much more knowledgeable and comfortable with casting protection spells on us and our home so that constant shielding was not necessary outside of the home.

I shared about two other methods to learn to shield. Please be sure to check them out here to give you options so you can decide which method works best for you. Please comment below and share with me your favorite method that you use personally!

Frankincense Oil for the Developement of Psychic Abilities

I have this little stone jar that I have been keeping my diluted frankincence oil in. Its great for the 3rd Eye and cleansing the 3rd Eye Chakra as well as aiding in the developement of your Pyschic gifts, as well as easing the ache between the eyes during the 3rd Eye Awakening process. Some people do get pretty bad headaches simply from the decalcification of their pineal glands(Third Eye) which starts to open up and become stronger during psychic exercises. This is the reason I wanted to share about one essential oil that can help cleanse the third eye of negative energy and helps clear up headaches especially the ones you get between the eyebrows.
Frankincence essential oil is an amazing oil for aiding psychic abilities. It was used in Ancient times and was more valueable than gold. Not only was it used for spiritual purposes, but also was medicinally superior in treating colds, injuries, cuts, burns, as it was anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, prevents infections in wounds, heals wrinkles and skin problems, anti tumoral and even has been said to heal cancer.

In order to start making and using this unique oil for your personal self developement I highly suggest that you first of all, find yourself an organic and ethically sourced product. Secondly you will need two basic ingredients to get started with using your essential oil. You will need your frankincense essential oil and also a carrier oil, which is any light oil in liquid form, olive oil, sunflower oil or even coconut oil works great despite that it hardens in cooler temperatures. Mix these two together so that the essential oil is diluted into the carrier oil. The reason we do it this way is because even though essential oils are healthy and all natural, they are concentrated and can be very potent. Some people get rashes or skin burns from not diluting their essential oils in a carrier oil.

It is always recommended that you use the carrier oil and dilution method when applying essential oils to your skin. The ratio for diluting essential oils is generally about 12 drops per one fl oz (30 ml) of your prefered carrier oil.

It is easy to apply the oil. Simply dip or rub your finger into the oil and all you need is one drop to apply it to your third eye region.

I certainly hope you consider using frankincense oil to help you in your own psychic self  developement. I would love to hear how it works for you in your life! Leave a comment below and be sure to check out my links about frankincense oil and also a really useful book about making and use oils, incense and brews.

Getting Started On Your Witchcraft Studies.



I remember when I first got started on the path of paganism, I took about 6 months to a year to just explore my options. I read books on Buddhism, Taoism, the Book of Mormon, other “lost” books of the Bible (just out of curiosity. I found these to be interesting but not really the  right fit for me. I have always loved different cultures and taking the time to just learn about a whole bunch of different ones and take the time to consider my spiritual path was an enlightening time that taught me a lot about myself.

My father died in 2008 and it really shook me to my core. I stopped going to church (I was a baptist up until the age of 25, which is when my father died) I became a Deist for about two years, since I was very angry at a god who had killed my father as a joke, laughing at my pain, after years of infertility it was just too much. On top of that I was married to an emotionally abusive man and I was just broken spiritually. I know now that “god” wasnt playing tricks, or laughing at me, I’ve come a long way from where I was. All of those experiences really tested me and completely changed me in a way that made me reconsider and examine everything I ever believed in.

When I was going through my separation and divorce, I finally felt free enough to just explore. To examine my belief system and make a decision. Yes, I had also researched Wicca and Witchcraft. While it truly interested me, it felt overwhelming to even begin to make sense of all that I’d need to learn and study in order to make a true decision. So I decided that the study of magick wasn’t right for me at that time. I knew my heart had been calling me to the Native beliefs for a long time, nearly all of my life. So I went with my heart and chose the Native path. I feel at the time it was where I was meant to be and it was a good way for me to transition into Paganism.

It took me a few years of following Native beliefs to come to the realization that it was seriously lacking. I love Native spirituality but I needed more. I could still hear my spirit guide calling me to learn more and answer the call of my spirit to higher spiritual things.

When I decided Native spirituality wasn’t giving me enough of what I needed, I went online and resumed my studies and research. I also found and spent way more money on Witchy supplies than I should have. But it was a good lesson learned concerning what a new witch or Pagan actually needs to get started on this path.

So what do you actually need? You can just go all out like I did and invest in over $200 in supplies like a beautiful oversized Book of Shadows (that looked a lot like the one from the tv show Charmed, lol), books and altar pieces. So that was great in all but what I did not realize was that all those things didn’t make me more magickal or witchy.

I was ready to start trying spells and I had no idea that attempting spells should come after study about doing spells. I needed to figure out what my personal beliefs were concerning types of spells and witchcraft. I learned the hard way that “things” dont make the magick. Your intention and willpower do. Your focus on energy, directing it towards your desired goals is the most powerful aspect of who you are as a witch.

Of all the books I bought in the beginning, my absolute favorite and most highly recommended would be Solitary Witchcraft for the New Generation by Silver Ravenwolf. It is written for teenage Wiccans, but nevertheless a great book to start with because it has nearly everything you need to start studying. It is just like a big work/study book on multiple subjects that pertain to Wicca, Witchcraft and also Paganism.

Now I’ve not yet read Raymond Buckland’s Blue Book on Wicca, but I do hope to get my hands on it someday just for difference in opinion and to learn a few more things as I go. There are several other books such as Ann Moura’s Grimoire for the Green Witch. While it is a gorgeous book, I personally feel it is not a good book for a beginner because it has more information (like knowledge you would already know from years of study) than it is learning material. It is basically a Book of Shadows or Grimoire for the Green Witch. There is a LOT LESS information in Ann Moura’s book in comparison to Silver Ravenwolf’s Book of Shadows. Both are wonderful books so I can’t complain but if you are looking for a good study guide Silver Ravenwolf is my go to for beginner’s personal study guide.

There are tons of great books out there, please be sure to get your hands on the books mentioned or something similar. The importance of research and study can’t be stressed enough. Study before you practice and it will go a long way in helping you grow and also in helping you discover your beliefs and how you would like to go about your pagan or witchy life

Be sure to check out this video  below on YouTube! I have more great info to share with all you newbies and seasoned types out there!

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Sheilding Your Energy: Techniques 1 & 2

A dear friend taught me some ideas and techniques on how to sheild my energy and I wanted to share what he taught me. There are many kinds of tecniques to try so be aware as you read this, that you can use your imagination and create your own personal method.

Technique 1:

Many of us can remember playing with Legos as kids. They had the big blocks, now called duplos and the traditional small blocks. So here is what to do. Find a calm relaxing place with no distractions. If you have ever meditated in any way it is a similar thing to do.

Sit in a comfortable position. Relax your body and take slow deep breaths, Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take several deep breaths and while doing so calm your mind.

Now, imagine you have a huge pile of the big Lego blocks before you. They can be any color you want, from the traditional to whatever you want. The bricks also need to be transparent. If you associate well with specific colors than use them. The blocks you want to envision are the large 8X2 pegged ones. They are thick and wide and perfect for walls. Now you want to slowly start to build a wall. You can determine if you want it round or square.

Set your first row of bricks next to each other. Now, when you start on the next row of bricks, envision some energy with each click of the bricks. It does not need to be a lot, like a quick flash of light when the bricks connect. You also want to make sure your second row starts in the middle of the brick so that it is interlocked. Like a real wall, the small energy you attach to each brick will act like a mortar and help to connect the bricks together.

Continue doing this until your wall is over your, but not out of reach of your hands. At this point, you can decide if you want a ceiling on your walls and if so what kind. Most of my students would just put more bricks, except instead of the 8X2, they would envision the long 16X2 strips used so the ceiling is as solid as possible. Again, as you put the bricks into place, attach that small amount of energy.

Now comes a difficult part. As you are inside of your structure, envision all of those small sparks of energy connecting to each other and spreading completely around the inside and outside of the bricks. If done successfully, you will feel a snap of energy as the seal is made.

As you practice making this type of shield you can start to change the size of the bricks. You can also change the colors to create a rainbow pattern or alternate between colors. With this style of wall, it is primarily used to have any negative energy hit the wall and then travel down so it will ground out.

Technique 2:

This style is similar to the Lego blocks, but instead using Lincoln Logs. You essentially make a log cabin with the logs, using the energy on each one so it will bind them together. Decide on the roof, either a flat roof or a sloped roof.

Once again, when completed you want to envision all those sparks of energy connecting to each other and infusing your walls. I’ve found that people who were stronger in nature schemes or magics preferred this style.
Ultimately, your shields can look whatever works for you. I know people that envision large bubbles of energy that swirls and flows around them. Deflecting or grounding energy as needed. Some make theirs look like suits of armor, so it close and personal and helps them to feel safe. The joy of your shield is for you to design it as you want. The better you can envision your look and style the stronger it will be for you.

I hope this helps and look forward to seeing what other people use for their style. For more information on this topic please check out this book called The Witch’s Shield. This book has a lot of great information and techniques to try.


The Importance of Centering and Grounding Yourself

unsplash-logoNitish Kadam


Whether you deal with environmental stress, such as a busy and fast paced workplace,family and relationship issues at home, or you are going through a particularly rough time in your life, you need to stay centered. This may be a new concept to you and you are possibly wondering what staying centered actually means.
When I think of centering, I think of finding peace. Being mindful is another term that comes to mind. Finding your center or your sacred place of peace,resides deep within us all. A lot of us have a painful past filled with with difficult memories. These memories become a part of who we are. They are the very fiber of our being. They are etched into our bones, muscles, nerves, skin and our very DNA. It can be difficult to to change and grow for the better. Just remember that our bodies completely regenerates itself every 7 years. So who you were 7 years ago is an entirely different person from who you are today. If your body can recreate itself, you can also change your emotional response to life!
The basics of centering yourself is simply about bringing back your energy into your own body. We have tendrils of energy going out in every direction, and we have other's energy entangling into our own. Finding your center is about pulling your energy back into yourself and just breathing. In order to relax enough to get rid of stress and anxiety, just the everyday drama, we really do need to find a way to breathe. You can do this sitting on the ground, in a chair, or sitting or laying I'm bed. Focus on your breathing, and on your heartbeat while you breathe, feel yourself calming down and relaxing. It may be hard to still the chatter in your head and to block out the noise around you in the beginning. This can take practice to really grasp. Once you have found your center you can begin the grounding process.
Being able to still your mind and bring back all the tendrils of your energy back inside your aura and your own body will prepare you for learning how to more with your energy down the road. For more information, I highly recommend this book to get you started on your journey.


Psychic Sensitivity and the Gift of Empathy

There is a whole world and beyond of psychic gifts out there and what a blessing and a curse it is! Today I want to talk about these gifts and abilities. Many witches and pagans are aware of their own gifts, and many still are struggling to find them. Some of us are born into entire family lines where these gifts are passed down but others must learn on their own and practice to perfect them. By perfect I do not mean they are perfect but more practiced and experienced. Practice makes perfect as many of you know .

Everyone has a psychic gift of one kind or another. Many people never discover or use this gift in their entire lifetime due to not believing, not having the people to help or the opportunity to open them up to what lies within them.

For me personally, I always had dreams, my dreams guide me. I had dreams that came true like prophetic dreams, teaching dreams and even lately now I’m realizing I have had dreams of past lives.

Also, I’ve always been “sensitive”. This used to be a very touchy subject for me but I’ve come to appreciate over time that being sensitive and empathic is not as terrible as some non pagans make it out to be. Some toxic people out there like our family, friends, co-workers, ect can be very judgemental of a sensitive person, saying they are too emotional or when treated badly, abused or taken advantage of, that they are “too sensitive”. Ignore these people as best as you can. The less attention you give to toxic people, the better off you will be. In my case I had to disown my toxic family members for peace of mind and emotional safety. There is just not enough time in the world to waste of that kind of negativity.

As a sensitive, or empath, I’ve been able to walk into a room and immediately sense something is off, that something is not right. When I talk to people, I can sense whether I am being lied to or not. I can feel when others are happy and all these energies can be so infectious that it becomes my own emotions! As you can see it’s both a gift and a curse. It’s been a long journey if learning how to protect myself and work around all the issues associated with it.

Maybe some of you have this same gift and don’t know where to go or how to control it.

A few years back I learned more about meditation, centering, sheilding and grounding. One of my good friends took the time to show me various methods to protect myself with psychic self defense, as well as grounding and centering myself after emotionally draining encounters. It’s been a lifesaver and I’m sure there are those of you out there needing help also in these areas.

A psychic empath, feel what others feel. Some feel so strongly that one cannot know the difference between others feelings and their own. This can greatly help with counseling others and intuitively knowing what is wrong in order to help. But it also can wear on the empath.

Before one learns to ground and sheild, it can be a legnthy recovery from negative energy, as in it can take as long as week. If you do not know better, you will think you are depressed for absolutely no reason at all. But as you get used to working with your gifts and abilities, deciphering between your emotions and others negativity will be easier to see over time.

There are many symptoms of taking on negative energy. You may experience headaches, exhaustion, muscle cramps and muscle tension, you may feel sick or nauseated, and have a general feeling of overwhelm, depression and anxiety. Learning grounding techniques will greatly benefit and replace these negative energies with more positive ones.

I know that struggling with this can be time consuming and overwhelming. Have faith that this will be less of a burden as you practice to sheild your own energies!

About Me: From Christianity to Paganism

We all have a past and many pagans and witches have a religious background, with a multitude of defining moments that guide us to the path we are now on. Here is my story.

I grew up in Christian home, American Baptist to be exact. How that came about was through a previous conversion on my parents part. They were botb originally Catholics converted to Baptists. They didn’t get too far from where they started. But that is the home I was adopted into. I was raised into the Christian faith and I was “saved” when I was 5 years old. By saved, I really mean scared into doing it. Though at that young age I had not quite been pressured other than church and Youth group attendance. I do recall on multiple occasions feeling terrified that I wasn’t “saved properly or correctly” so I would get saved over and over out of sheer fear of going to hell. I remember when I was around 10 or 11, I saw a play about Hell and the Lake of Fire. As a young child it terrified me so much I would just keep praying to be saved because I believe now that being raised this way made me feel I could never be worthy of love or forgiveness. The message that I was a helpless, worthless sinner was driven to deeply into my psyche, that no amount of praying could ever make me feel clean or pure.

By the time I was a teenager, I was struggling with severe depression and anxiety, though I didn’t know or understand what anxiety was at the time. My parents called it nervousness and over reacting, being too emotional. I loved and feared the Christian God so much and yet felt betrayed and alone all the time. Out of guilt and shame I believe I rededicated myself to the Lord at least 3 times at Winter Snow Camp which was a youth group trip once a year in New York.

I was a very devout Christian suffering serious mental illness as well as spiritual crisis. I doubted my faith a lot and with guilt in my heart I questioned if everything I knew was a lie. Because something deep inside always said it’s not true there is so much more to life! But unfortunately I was overprotected by my parents and very sheltered so I did not have much access to very much non Christian reading material to explore my faith.

In the summer time, I would attend Bible Camp and it was an amazing escape away from home life, which was very emotionally abusive as well as some exposure to physical abuse. I made lots of friends and despite all the extra brainwashing, lol I still had a pretty good time though as a teen staff worker I was still struggling with depression and low self esteem issues.

Growing up in a Christian home there was no thinking on my own, or ability to speak up for myself. It was expected at home, church and school ect, that there be blind obedience and that as a young women, I follow Christian beliefs of meekness and submission. Basicly becoming a doormat for everyone. I didn’t know how to speak up, stand up or put my foot down. Saying no to anything was like a sin. I learned to be agreeable and to always say, “yes ok, sure” to anything asked of me. I didn’t want to inconvenience, bother or upset anyone. I was always told by my mother whenever I visited anywhere without her supervision, “Don’t be an inconvenience!!!” I always felt like an inconvenience no matter where I went. It severely affected my life. Stripped away my power and self esteem.

When I graduated from high school, after many years of struggle to pass my classes, I went to Bible college. I was going to be a missionary, which is exactly what my church and Christian School and parents and family wanted me to be. I was a people pleaser I was so sure that was what I wanted to do with my life.

In my second year of college I started dating a man who I quickly decided was the one and when I graduated after 3 years of studying Theology, we got married.

It lasted 7 years and it was quite the ride, I was his doormat and his slave. But I was married to such a good Christian man! Where did I go wrong? Lol simply being who I was is where I went wrong. It really taught me a lot, and the experience, as painful as it was, which I don’t need to go into here, was one of many life lessons that brought me closet to paganism’s door.

In 2008 my father died. It plunged me deep into depression and grieving that lasted 3 years. I saw him in my dreams, out of the corner of my eyes, I’d hear his voice and I wasn’t sure if I was going crazy or actually seeing him. I know now I wasn’t crazy and to this day I know he still stops in to check on me.

I divorced my husband in January of 2012 after nearly 7 1/2 years of mental and emotional abuse. While we were separated I had started to study Paganism and Eastern religions. At the time, witchcraft looked very interesting but it felt too overwhelming and complicated to learn it all. I decided to follow my heart and go the Native way which had pulled at my spirit since I was a teen.

Things went well for a few years but I felt Native beliefs were lacking severely in teaching me what my spirit had been calling me to do since I was a teen. I always felt a calling, that my spirit guide kept trying to get my attention even when I was a Christian.

I had tried to learn from the Elders about spirituality and the power of Creator, and when I asked around to meet with and speak to and learn from a shaman, I got strange looks. They looked as though I was talking crazy. I’d ask if there were any good books for me to explore and learn more about Native Spirituality and my Elder told me, we don’t need books for that! I was really disappointed in the lack of teaching, where I had these expectations of a teacher taking me under their wing and showing me the ropes and spending time with me. I realized that I could not rely on any man or woman, except for myself.  I stopped asking and just started teaching myself. I knew I had to answer the call, this deep longing within me. There HAD to be more, I just knew it. I’m glad I’m followed my intuition, and I couldn’t be happier pouring over books and studying ancient and secret wisdom and knowledge. It was a long road but I am grateful that I am able to be on this path!