Psychic Sensitivity and the Gift of Empathy

There is a whole world and beyond of psychic gifts out there and what a blessing and a curse it is! Today I want to talk about these gifts and abilities. Many witches and pagans are aware of their own gifts, and many still are struggling to find them. Some of us are born into entire family lines where these gifts are passed down but others must learn on their own and practice to perfect them. By perfect I do not mean they are perfect but more practiced and experienced. Practice makes perfect as many of you know .

Everyone has a psychic gift of one kind or another. Many people never discover or use this gift in their entire lifetime due to not believing, not having the people to help or the opportunity to open them up to what lies within them.

For me personally, I always had dreams, my dreams guide me. I had dreams that came true like prophetic dreams, teaching dreams and even lately now I’m realizing I have had dreams of past lives.

Also, I’ve always been “sensitive”. This used to be a very touchy subject for me but I’ve come to appreciate over time that being sensitive and empathic is not as terrible as some non pagans make it out to be. Some toxic people out there like our family, friends, co-workers, ect can be very judgemental of a sensitive person, saying they are too emotional or when treated badly, abused or taken advantage of, that they are “too sensitive”. Ignore these people as best as you can. The less attention you give to toxic people, the better off you will be. In my case I had to disown my toxic family members for peace of mind and emotional safety. There is just not enough time in the world to waste of that kind of negativity.

As a sensitive, or empath, I’ve been able to walk into a room and immediately sense something is off, that something is not right. When I talk to people, I can sense whether I am being lied to or not. I can feel when others are happy and all these energies can be so infectious that it becomes my own emotions! As you can see it’s both a gift and a curse. It’s been a long journey if learning how to protect myself and work around all the issues associated with it.

Maybe some of you have this same gift and don’t know where to go or how to control it.

A few years back I learned more about meditation, centering, sheilding and grounding. One of my good friends took the time to show me various methods to protect myself with psychic self defense, as well as grounding and centering myself after emotionally draining encounters. It’s been a lifesaver and I’m sure there are those of you out there needing help also in these areas.

A psychic empath, feel what others feel. Some feel so strongly that one cannot know the difference between others feelings and their own. This can greatly help with counseling others and intuitively knowing what is wrong in order to help. But it also can wear on the empath.

Before one learns to ground and sheild, it can be a legnthy recovery from negative energy, as in it can take as long as week. If you do not know better, you will think you are depressed for absolutely no reason at all. But as you get used to working with your gifts and abilities, deciphering between your emotions and others negativity will be easier to see over time.

There are many symptoms of taking on negative energy. You may experience headaches, exhaustion, muscle cramps and muscle tension, you may feel sick or nauseated, and have a general feeling of overwhelm, depression and anxiety. Learning grounding techniques will greatly benefit and replace these negative energies with more positive ones.

I know that struggling with this can be time consuming and overwhelming. Have faith that this will be less of a burden as you practice to sheild your own energies!

2 thoughts on “Psychic Sensitivity and the Gift of Empathy

    1. Thank you so much for following me and for your feedback! It means a lot! I certainly hope my blogs are helpful to those starting their pagan and witchy journey. Even more seasoned people can benefit simply from reading which is always a wonderful thing! I have two dogs, a husky and a black lab so yes I was happy to find your blog also! Great content I look forward to yours also!


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