Sheilding Your Energy: Techniques 1 & 2

A dear friend taught me some ideas and techniques on how to sheild my energy and I wanted to share what he taught me. There are many kinds of tecniques to try so be aware as you read this, that you can use your imagination and create your own personal method.

Technique 1:

Many of us can remember playing with Legos as kids. They had the big blocks, now called duplos and the traditional small blocks. So here is what to do. Find a calm relaxing place with no distractions. If you have ever meditated in any way it is a similar thing to do.

Sit in a comfortable position. Relax your body and take slow deep breaths, Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Take several deep breaths and while doing so calm your mind.

Now, imagine you have a huge pile of the big Lego blocks before you. They can be any color you want, from the traditional to whatever you want. The bricks also need to be transparent. If you associate well with specific colors than use them. The blocks you want to envision are the large 8X2 pegged ones. They are thick and wide and perfect for walls. Now you want to slowly start to build a wall. You can determine if you want it round or square.

Set your first row of bricks next to each other. Now, when you start on the next row of bricks, envision some energy with each click of the bricks. It does not need to be a lot, like a quick flash of light when the bricks connect. You also want to make sure your second row starts in the middle of the brick so that it is interlocked. Like a real wall, the small energy you attach to each brick will act like a mortar and help to connect the bricks together.

Continue doing this until your wall is over your, but not out of reach of your hands. At this point, you can decide if you want a ceiling on your walls and if so what kind. Most of my students would just put more bricks, except instead of the 8X2, they would envision the long 16X2 strips used so the ceiling is as solid as possible. Again, as you put the bricks into place, attach that small amount of energy.

Now comes a difficult part. As you are inside of your structure, envision all of those small sparks of energy connecting to each other and spreading completely around the inside and outside of the bricks. If done successfully, you will feel a snap of energy as the seal is made.

As you practice making this type of shield you can start to change the size of the bricks. You can also change the colors to create a rainbow pattern or alternate between colors. With this style of wall, it is primarily used to have any negative energy hit the wall and then travel down so it will ground out.

Technique 2:

This style is similar to the Lego blocks, but instead using Lincoln Logs. You essentially make a log cabin with the logs, using the energy on each one so it will bind them together. Decide on the roof, either a flat roof or a sloped roof.

Once again, when completed you want to envision all those sparks of energy connecting to each other and infusing your walls. I’ve found that people who were stronger in nature schemes or magics preferred this style.
Ultimately, your shields can look whatever works for you. I know people that envision large bubbles of energy that swirls and flows around them. Deflecting or grounding energy as needed. Some make theirs look like suits of armor, so it close and personal and helps them to feel safe. The joy of your shield is for you to design it as you want. The better you can envision your look and style the stronger it will be for you.

I hope this helps and look forward to seeing what other people use for their style. For more information on this topic please check out this book called The Witch’s Shield. This book has a lot of great information and techniques to try.


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