My Personal Techniques for Shielding

Many of you may know by now what an empath is and if you are one, you realize by how important it is to be centered and grounded. Also hopefully you know how imoortant shielding your body and auric field is for staying safe psychicly from outside forces which may seek to drain your energy or worst, harm you.

For my first few years, I kept my shielding pretty simple. I simply envisioned white light surrounding me as I drew protective energy from the earth. I saw it like a tree with its roots in the earth, grounded and pulling up energy through the roots up into the entire tree. My base chakra, or simply put, my butt or tailbone is where I saw my roots pulling the energy upwards into my body. From there I would spread this energy, with each growing breath, increasing in size till it surrounded me. This worked well for blocking out probing minds and repelling unwanted energies.
Now that I am a mother, I discovered a new way to shield that works well for me. I imagined a protective circle or sphere over me and the baby at night or whenever we are resting for a nap in the daytime. I got this idea from the book
Pagan Parenting that mentions how a parent can protect their child with their energy simply from holding a baby or child on their lap. Their energy field naturally protects both of them. So that when the child isn’t in your protective aura or energy field they tend to feel unsafe, esp at a very young age. So as I’m drifting to sleep or if I’m unable to fall asleep I will ground and center, to calm myself and then proceed to shield myself and the baby. And I have also expanded the shield to include my whole house since I recently a few mths ago sensed an unwelcome presence in my home. I started regularly shielding after that. Something about having a baby really had my guard down, I was so focused on him and being a new mother that I had come to neglect my spiritual life. Needless to say, I quickly changed that when I felt the presence of another person watching us in our home. It wasn’t a ghost or spirit but rather a live person who was remote viewing or astral traveling to look in on us. I did not feel comfortable with that situation and at the time I used shielding with my son and I in our home as self-defense. As time went on, I became much more knowledgeable and comfortable with casting protection spells on us and our home so that constant shielding was not necessary outside of the home.

I shared about two other methods to learn to shield. Please be sure to check them out here to give you options so you can decide which method works best for you. Please comment below and share with me your favorite method that you use personally!

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