Frankincense Oil for the Developement of Psychic Abilities

I have this little stone jar that I have been keeping my diluted frankincence oil in. Its great for the 3rd Eye and cleansing the 3rd Eye Chakra as well as aiding in the developement of your Pyschic gifts, as well as easing the ache between the eyes during the 3rd Eye Awakening process. Some people do get pretty bad headaches simply from the decalcification of their pineal glands(Third Eye) which starts to open up and become stronger during psychic exercises. This is the reason I wanted to share about one essential oil that can help cleanse the third eye of negative energy and helps clear up headaches especially the ones you get between the eyebrows.
Frankincence essential oil is an amazing oil for aiding psychic abilities. It was used in Ancient times and was more valueable than gold. Not only was it used for spiritual purposes, but also was medicinally superior in treating colds, injuries, cuts, burns, as it was anti-septic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, prevents infections in wounds, heals wrinkles and skin problems, anti tumoral and even has been said to heal cancer.

In order to start making and using this unique oil for your personal self developement I highly suggest that you first of all, find yourself an organic and ethically sourced product. Secondly you will need two basic ingredients to get started with using your essential oil. You will need your frankincense essential oil and also a carrier oil, which is any light oil in liquid form, olive oil, sunflower oil or even coconut oil works great despite that it hardens in cooler temperatures. Mix these two together so that the essential oil is diluted into the carrier oil. The reason we do it this way is because even though essential oils are healthy and all natural, they are concentrated and can be very potent. Some people get rashes or skin burns from not diluting their essential oils in a carrier oil.

It is always recommended that you use the carrier oil and dilution method when applying essential oils to your skin. The ratio for diluting essential oils is generally about 12 drops per one fl oz (30 ml) of your prefered carrier oil.

It is easy to apply the oil. Simply dip or rub your finger into the oil and all you need is one drop to apply it to your third eye region.

I certainly hope you consider using frankincense oil to help you in your own psychic self  developement. I would love to hear how it works for you in your life! Leave a comment below and be sure to check out my links about frankincense oil and also a really useful book about making and use oils, incense and brews.

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