The Importance of Centering and Grounding Yourself

unsplash-logoNitish Kadam


Whether you deal with environmental stress, such as a busy and fast paced workplace,family and relationship issues at home, or you are going through a particularly rough time in your life, you need to stay centered. This may be a new concept to you and you are possibly wondering what staying centered actually means.
When I think of centering, I think of finding peace. Being mindful is another term that comes to mind. Finding your center or your sacred place of peace,resides deep within us all. A lot of us have a painful past filled with with difficult memories. These memories become a part of who we are. They are the very fiber of our being. They are etched into our bones, muscles, nerves, skin and our very DNA. It can be difficult to to change and grow for the better. Just remember that our bodies completely regenerates itself every 7 years. So who you were 7 years ago is an entirely different person from who you are today. If your body can recreate itself, you can also change your emotional response to life!
The basics of centering yourself is simply about bringing back your energy into your own body. We have tendrils of energy going out in every direction, and we have other's energy entangling into our own. Finding your center is about pulling your energy back into yourself and just breathing. In order to relax enough to get rid of stress and anxiety, just the everyday drama, we really do need to find a way to breathe. You can do this sitting on the ground, in a chair, or sitting or laying I'm bed. Focus on your breathing, and on your heartbeat while you breathe, feel yourself calming down and relaxing. It may be hard to still the chatter in your head and to block out the noise around you in the beginning. This can take practice to really grasp. Once you have found your center you can begin the grounding process.
Being able to still your mind and bring back all the tendrils of your energy back inside your aura and your own body will prepare you for learning how to more with your energy down the road. For more information, I highly recommend this book to get you started on your journey.